Fishing From A Kayak: A Beginner’s Tale

I will never forget the day when I bought my kayak. I was so excited to go out and try it, and the very first time I took it out, I caught fish. I was eager to keep on fishing, and I had many great experiences in my kayak during its first year of use.

But I wanted to expand on my use of the kayak to get into great fishing places a little more, so I started researching kayak fishing techniques, kayak modifications and looking for others who fished in their kayaks. I have spent a better part of the winter preparing to fish that this summer but as part of that preparation, I decided to see what I could do about my kayak.

I watched scores of videos about how to make improvements to my kayak and how to fish from it. I attended seminars, bought books and magazines learning as much as I could.

Now that spring has come, it’s time to get out in that kayak and begin another season. And I am ready. But leisurely fishing in that kayak is not the only thing that I plan to do. I joined a tournament “trail” as well and plan to do a lot of other types fishing with my kayak.
However, I am still a novice and have a lot to learn about how to fish from it.

There are many questions that I must answer before going out on the lake or river with my kayak. Perhaps the biggest question is what I want to take with me because my kayak isn’t the biggest kayak available. I don’t have a lot of room in my little boat for a lot of stuff, so I must plan accordingly.

Last year, I typically brought a smaller tackle box and three poles, along with a couple of other smaller items to help me fish. Sometimes I found that I brought too much with me and didn’t use most of it. Other times I found out that I brought too little and realized that I needed to be better prepared.

Due to the limited space on my kayak, I must plan for the type of fishing that I will do. Fishing for many species at once is kind of out of the question as tearing down a rig on a rod and putting on a new one can be difficult in a small kayak like I have. I would like to bring a pole for every fishing situation so, but there isn’t a lot of room. What can I do?

What I plan to do is put some pre-made rigs in my tackle box (which will be specifically for kayaking meaning it will be a smaller size tackle box) for whatever variety of fish that I plan to fish for that day.

The issue with the poles can be one that I can get over as well. My kayak can carry three poles comfortably and perhaps a smaller fourth pole. I went ahead and bought a Whisker Seeker ice fishing rod that is used for fishing for catfish through the ice. It’s not quite as short as a regular ice fishing rod, but it’s not quite as long as a regular rod either. It’s a perfect kayak size rod. I am not sure how it casts, but casting may not matter because I can use it primarily for jigging since that’s about what it would be used for catfishing under the ice. I think that this rod will help me catch crappie and catfish.

One thing that my kayak doesn’t have yet but will be getting soon is sonar. I plan to buy a small battery powered unit that I can use to help detect fish and structure on the bottom of the bodies of water that I fish. This will help to give me an advantage in finding fish, finding cover and ultimately catching more fish. I need to work on how to mount it to my kayak and get it working, but that should be easy.
There are so many other things that I want to do to my kayak. I need to spend some time working on them. I have so many ideas and so many things that I should do to help it help make me a better fisherman.

I am very excited about the upcoming fishing season and getting out into the tournaments. I have always wanted to compete at another level in fishing, and now I have some opportunities to do something that I want to do, all thanks to my kayak.

There are so many other things that I want to do to my kayak, and I need to find the time to do them. I need to spend more time concentrating on what I want to do to my tiny little boat so that when it finally comes time to put it in the water, it’s ready to go.

I will have much more on kayak fishing in the future including which kayaks are the best, what kind of modifications you can make to your kayak and what equipment is better to use. Maybe I will throw a fishing tale or two in there to liven things up a little bit.