Fishing By Drone? (Should This Be Legal!)

Drone Fishing For Tuna

The last 10 years have marked an exciting period for drone technology. What was once relegated to being simply a “hobby” for “extremists” has now come full mainstream.

Drone photography is all over the big screen, YouTube videos, and real estate home tours. Amazon and other giants are pioneering the way for drone package delivery. And yes, excited fisherman are pioneering the idea of fishing by drone.

That’s right, using a DJI Phantom drone in conjunction with a surf rod and reel, a group of Australian anglers has begun drone fishing for Longtail Tuna and other trophy fish.

Check out the video on their YouTube channel, Sea_Ulcer:

Using the drone to locate fish and make the initial presentation, the angler on the shore still fights the fish all the way in (once it is hooked).

Some people claim it’s just the latest in a long line of technology based innovations that assist fisherman in their craft (much like fishfinders). But others feel differently, saying that essentially, because the fisherman doesn’t have to do anything to get a fish on the line, it isn’t fair.

Is this cheating? Tell us in the comments below.

Fish on!

Ryan Templeton
Castmaster, GearLobo