5 Kinds of Fishing Rods that you should buy

Fishing Rods

You can’t think of fishing without a proper fishing rod. To purchase this stuff, you need to have some basic knowledge about it. And if you have the basic idea about this equipment then you probably know there are different types of rods available. Each of them has their particular use. And today, I will be introducing you to 5 Kinds of Fishing Rods that you should buy.

Types of fishing rods you should buy:

Surfcasting rod: These are one of the most common and popular fishing rods. Generally, used to seawater fishing. The rods have a large length and have some rings on it. With this rod, you can easily throw the lure to water from the shore without needing to be on a boat. Ans as it has some rings, it prevents the lines from wearing out from friction. Good resistance, quick action and reliable so you can easily drag your prey.

Deepwater fishing rod: For catching big preys, cane rods are highly recommended. These rods are built to withstand the weight of huge catches. Also, the top the rod doesn’t bend at all unless prey bites your bait. Perfect to use for fishing in the middle of a big lake.

Fly fishing rod: Another fishing style that is getting more popular with time is fly fishing. Fly fishing is an angling technic, where fisherman’s use insects as bait. Here you release the bait throwing long in a lake or a pond. For that reason, the rod is quite longer than most other rod types. It has a 6 to 10-meter height. Another thing that makes the rod different is that the reels are placed below the grips. The cane of the rods is soft for better throwing experience.

Spinning rod: These fishing rods combine durability and lightness with adaptability. They are perfect for the practice of spinning. Smaller spinning rods usually measure between 1.30 and 1.80 meters in length, The tip of the rod is strong and rigid, so fisherman’s don’t have to put much effort during the fight with the fish while trying to drag it to the shore. The more extended rods incorporate in their base a handle with safety trigger to be able to control the line. Long spinning rods offer a lot of versatility. With these on your side, you can quickly catch many different species of fish being as they’re not designed to catch a particular kind of fish. Whether small or large, you can catch any fish with the help of a spinning rod. Please visit Fishingvenus website now to know more information.

Classic rod: As its name suggests, the rod is classic as they were the kind of rod that has been used for a long time. However, with time this has received numerous improvements which is why it is still in the market. And clearly, is the first choice of fishing equipment of many. This type of rod is rigid while also offers the required flexibility to get the most out of fishing. Offers good precision when you throw the line. Secured enough, so the lines don’t get loose when you catch anything big or the prey tries to fight for its life. The only problem is that this type of rods is damn heavy which really makes fishing hard for an extended period.


These are the 5 kinds of fishing rods that you should buy if you’re really looking to get your hands on angling. Just take some time and do some research on your own. Plus, feel them up if you have the chance to see which one suits your style.