10 Great Fishing Spots for Campers in Colorado

Lake Estes, CO
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The state of Colorado is a hotbed of activities for enthusiastic outdoor lovers. With numerous parks, great hiking trails and quiet relaxation spots for campers, nature enthusiasts are sure to have the time of their lives.

Many outdoor spots for campers in the Colorado region enjoy proximity to fishing spots. We’ll be looking at 10 of these great fishing spots for campers in Colorado. Hopefully, on your next visit to CO, you would take your time to explore and have fun with nature’s finest relaxation spots.

Mount Evans, CO

1. Mount Evans trout fishing site

Mount Evans camping and trout fishing site is a great relaxation spot for picnickers with a likening for fishing. It’s just a few minutes’ drive from Denver, the capital of Colorado and is guaranteed to give visitors a unique and enjoyable fishing expedition. Folks who have a thing for nature would enjoy the serene view of this exotic location. It’s one of the relaxation, and fishing spots which have the highest number of seniors trooping in. The reasons are simple – the cool gentle breeze, lovely trout fishing lake and a fantastic management.

Also, you may decide to spend the night here since there are overnight cabins. It is also important to note that it is privately-owned and you do not need any license to fish on this location.

2. Fort Collins City Park (Sheldon Lake)

Fort Collins City Park Lake or the Sheldon Lake as it’s also called is another great park filled with life in Colorado. The Sheldon Lake is usually open most times of the year and if you are looking for a calm atmosphere to relax and interact with friendly people place.

The staff at Fort Collin Sheldon Lake are nice and accommodating so you won’t have any problems interacting. It is usually quite busy especially in the evenings when different families come out to fish.

Several other activities such as canoeing and paddling take place, and the atmosphere is usually very calm and peaceful.

The City Park is characterized by crappies, rainbow trout, and bluegill. If you are in Colorado and you want to make the most of your fishing experience, the Fort Collins City Park Lake is a place to visit.

3. The Anticline Fishing Pond

The Anticline fishing pond is situated in the south of Colorado. It is a place your kids must visit during the holidays. There are a playground and a swimming beach to maximize fun time in the location.

Not too far away is a zoo where you can view some of the most beautiful and adorable animals in the world. There is also a restroom, and picnic tables are also available for your convenience. If you’d like to fish off a boat, a provision is made for you to rent a boat that suits your taste.

Bear Creek Lake Park

4. Bear Creek Lake Park

This is one of the best sites for fishing in Colorado. It is beautifully crafted and built for family hangout and camping.

The water body is beautiful, and because it is a lake, it contains fishes of different sizes and shapes. You can also experience the beauty of wildlife and interact with park rangers in the visitors’ center. It’s the perfect getaway spot for campers in Colorado.

Sunrise in Rocky Mountain National Park

5. Rocky Mountain National Park

The Rocky Mountain National Park is situated around some of the biggest water bodies in Colorado (the Shadow Lake and Lake Granby).

This resort offers a wide variety of activities that enhance your camping and fishing experience. Lake Marys and Lake Estes can be found in the East of the park, and it is only normal and natural to expect a lot of boating and canoeing.

To add to the fishing spots, going for a horseback ride is another form of adventure. Ultimately, this is a place to spend and enjoy your holiday.

6. Gunnison County

The Gunnison County is one of the hottest holiday spots in Colorado. If you plan to engage in a lot of outdoor and recreational activities this is your go-to place. For campers looking for best fishing sites, the waterway in Gunnison County is rich with fish. Fish such as kokanee salmon and rainbow trout can be found in immense quantity. Another reason for the high population of fish here is due to its connection with the Roaring Judy Fish Hatchery.

Colorado River at Glenwood Springs, CO

7. Glenwood Springs

The Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers have made the Glenwood Springs very popular. Campers, hikers and families can visit this wonderful arena and have the time of their lives. For fishing lovers, the spring is bursting with fish all year although experts believe winter is the best time to fish here. The most important thing is, you can rest assured knowing your fishing plans is sure to hold if you visit the Glenwood springs.

Lake Estes, CO

8. Trout Haven, Estes Park

This place gives you the comfort of fishing without having to stress too much. You wouldn’t have to worry about buying fishing equipment or renting one as this is readily available on the ranch. Also, the stress of having the fish properly cleaned up and refrigerated has been taken off your shoulders as this will be done for you. This park is also used for hiking, horseback riding, rafting, and so on. There are cabins in the ranch if you decide to stay overnight.

9. Corn Lake

Whether you prefer warm water fishing or cold water fishing, you can do both at the corn lake. Rainbow trout, crappie, bass, catfish, and bluegill are some of the fishes that can be found in the corn lake. The Colorado River wildlife area is a short distance from the corn lake. This is a good thing as it helps to increase the population of such aquatic creatures present in the lake. The Corn Lake is a beautiful edifice and campers troop in there to enjoy themselves and improve their fishing skills.

10. Manitou Springs/Schryver Park Kids Pond

Children love their holidays and camping is one of the best experiences you can offer to them. Mineral spring water characterizes the Schryvner Park Kids Pond. Water from the fountain creek which is a few kilometers from the park flows through the pond. This increases the population of fish that are present there.

Also found in the park is a playground and a community swimming pool. These enhance your outdoor relaxation and heighten your family’s experience and fun.