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White Bass, the Perfect Family Fish

by: Nathan Hastings

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Martin County, Florida: an Angler's Paradise


Fishing with Circle Hooks


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The Never-Ending Search for Big Bass

I don’t know about you, but I have been fishing since I was very young. I took a break in the middle of my life due to some personal issues, but I am back and at it harder than ever. I wanted to tell you my story about how I caught the biggest bass in my life and how I went about doing it. There are life lessons, as well as fishing lessons to be learned. When I was younger, I often fished in my grandparent’s pond and in that pond, they had bluegill and bass. The bass were quite ...

Good Fishing Sunglasses You Should Consider

Fishing sunglasses are so much important because they will protect your eyes from dangerous effects and they help to reduce the glare of the sun. If you are looking for the good fishing sunglasses and you don’t have any time to see buying tips and reviews prepared by us, then this short paragraph will be helpful for you to select the good fishing sunglasses that you need. We have analyzed lots of feedback from the professional fishermen and kayak lover. Flying Fisherman San Jose: This polarized sunglass is easy to use and very comfortable. It minimizes the annoying glare and ...

Maintaining Tips For Trolling Motor Battery

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about boat essentials? Life jackets? Engines? Fire extinguishers? What else? Well, you are missing out on one important thing. The motor battery of the boat. Forget a rod and it won’t be as disastrous when you forget the motor battery. Less glamourous, albeit, but very useful. Without the batteries, your engine will not start. So maintaining the motor battery is a crucial thing, but how to do that? What To Do First? A trolling motor battery proves to be a superb apparatus for a fishing boat. Especially, ...

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