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White Bass, the Perfect Family Fish

by: Nathan Hastings

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Martin County, Florida: an Angler's Paradise


Fishing with Circle Hooks


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What's The All-Around BEST Fishing Rig?

The question is asked a million times, by every group of friends or fishing buddies. If you could only have one fishing pole, what would it be? My answer is simple: The Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2. Now, granted, I don’t fish as much saltwater as some, but for my money, it is the most capable and versatile platform. With it, you can easily attach and fish spinning or baitcasting reels, it’s got plenty enough tension to get good line action, sensitive enough to fish small stream trout, yet strong enough to pull huge bass as well. In fact, it’s so ...

Choosing the best Bait & Tackle Outlet for Summer Fishing

If you want to have a successful fishing trip, it is important if you choose the right bait. If your tackle box has improper bait, then it will be hard for you to target fish and you might even end up catching nothing. Before you decide on which bait is the best, it is important if you know the environment and the preference of the fish. Find out if the fish love natural, artificial or cut bait. This guide will help you choose the best bait for summer fishing. Size and color If you don’t want to go home emptyhanded, ...

Good Fishing Sunglasses You Should Consider

Fishing sunglasses are so much important because they will protect your eyes from dangerous effects and they help to reduce the glare of the sun. If you are looking for the good fishing sunglasses and you don’t have any time to see buying tips and reviews prepared by us, then this short paragraph will be helpful for you to select the good fishing sunglasses that you need. We have analyzed lots of feedback from the professional fishermen and kayak lover. Flying Fisherman San Jose: This polarized sunglass is easy to use and very comfortable. It minimizes the annoying glare and ...

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