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by: Nathan Hastings

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Top 10 Deep-Sea Fishing Boats

Deep-sea fishing is the pastime of choice for many fishermen and women. Many people who are passionate about this pursuit view deep-sea fishing as the ultimate expression of the sport. You can catch the biggest, most challenging fish under the most difficult conditions in deep-sea fishing. To properly take on the challenge of deep-sea fishing, you should make sure you have the right equipment. Of course you’ll need a rod, bait, and a net, but this is not all you’ll need. You need to have a great deep-sea fishing boat to get the fullest experience. This article lists 10 amazing ...

6 Fish that Broke Guinness World Records

You know that the highly revered Guinness Book of World Records has received several entries, right? But did you know that a good number of record holders are our dearly beloved underwater inhabitants? Yes, you read that right. We do have several of these vertebrates as current record holders. These fish that broke the Guinness World Records did so after several considerations by the organizing body. These considerations include, but are not limited to, their uniqueness in form, size, features, and attributes. We will be looking at a few of these record-breaking fish, the record they currently occupy and what ...

10 Great Fishing Spots for Campers in Colorado

The state of Colorado is a hotbed of activities for enthusiastic outdoor lovers. With numerous parks, great hiking trails and quiet relaxation spots for campers, nature enthusiasts are sure to have the time of their lives. Many outdoor spots for campers in the Colorado region enjoy proximity to fishing spots. We’ll be looking at 10 of these great fishing spots for campers in Colorado. Hopefully, on your next visit to CO, you would take your time to explore and have fun with nature’s finest relaxation spots. 1. Mount Evans trout fishing site Mount Evans camping and trout fishing site is ...

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