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by: Nathan Hastings

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Maintaining Tips For Trolling Motor Battery

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about boat essentials? Life jackets? Engines? Fire extinguishers? What else? Well, you are missing out on one important thing. The motor battery of the boat. Forget a rod and it won’t be as disastrous when you forget the motor battery. Less glamourous, albeit, but very useful. Without the batteries, your engine will not start. So maintaining the motor battery is a crucial thing, but how to do that? What To Do First? A trolling motor battery proves to be a superb apparatus for a fishing boat. Especially, ...

Learning How to Fly Fish: What is Working for Me

I am not an expert fly fisherman by any means, but I learned (and am still learning) how to fly fish by immersing myself in the sport. I have found a way that you can learn fly fishing in the dead of winter and become good at it. How? Allow me to explain. I am going on a short trip to Colorado soon and thought that I would do a little fly fishing while I was there. I had just started to get into learning about fly fishing and by the time that I found out I was going to ...

Fishing Prep: What to do to Fish for Paddlefish in Western Iowa

I live in Iowa, and I was excited to find out that they now have a Paddlefish season on the Missouri River. Back in 1986, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources closed off fishing for the prehistoric fish on the Missouri due to fears that the fish was losing traction and would start to disappear. Fishing for that species was closed for just over 30 years. In 2014, the state legislature passed a bill that would allow a paddlefish fishing season on the Missouri and Big Sioux Rivers near Sioux City, Iowa. The fishing would be limited to 950 resident ...

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