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White Bass, the Perfect Family Fish

by: Nathan Hastings

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Martin County, Florida: an Angler's Paradise


Fishing with Circle Hooks


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The Beauty of Fish Stories Motivates a Writer

If you’ve ever sat around a campfire recollecting the day’s events with your friends, you know that there are some grand tales to be told. Stories shared over cold beers, tales of the rivers and how it ebbed and flowed in little pools that hid the next rising fish. Sparks pop and ascend from the flames as the dry wood gives up a little spot of moisture to the fire, creating that mystical aura that only a campfire can create. Small talk and chatter brings another story to light. A bond built of friends talking about how that one fish ...

Fishing By Drone? (Should This Be Legal!)

The last 10 years have marked an exciting period for drone technology. What was once relegated to being simply a “hobby” for “extremists” has now come full mainstream. Drone photography is all over the big screen, YouTube videos, and real estate home tours. Amazon and other giants are pioneering the way for drone package delivery. And yes, excited fisherman are pioneering the idea of fishing by drone. That’s right, using a DJI Phantom drone in conjunction with a surf rod and reel, a group of Australian anglers has begun drone fishing for Longtail Tuna and other trophy fish. Check out ...

How Long Can A Fish Live Out Of Water? Bizarre Facts

I. Introduction We’ve always known fish to live in water. Water provides a natural habitat for fish and other aquatic creatures while it’s there. But what if the water suddenly disappears? What happens if fish is taken out of the water? How long can fish live out of water? In this post, we will discuss how long fish can live out of the water. The information in this section will not only help you take care of your pet fish better; it would also introduce you to the incredible world of fish who survive without water. So read on! II. ...

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